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Leigh Matthews medical copy writerThe Tasty Vegan is the personal blog of Leigh Matthews, a freelance medical writer, novelist, poet and occasional website developer.

Leigh has been working as a freelance medical writer since 2010 and uses her degrees in nutrition, philosophy and English to make complex medical jargon understandable and entertaining! These skills were finely honed through many years working in healthfood and nutrition stores in the UK and Canada, lending Leigh a unique perspective on how to reach health consumers.

Since 2010, Leigh has contributed to sites including spinalstenosis.org and painneck.com, and is building a suite of health-related websites under the Naturally Healthy People umbrella, including naturallyhealthyskin.org and naturallyhealthyheart.com. She also muses about writing-related things at theinkwell.org.

Leigh currently has two novels and one non-fiction title in print, with two and a half other novels and a poetry collection in various stages of development:

Leigh lives in Vancouver, Canada, and spends many enjoyable hours wandering the city with her trusty mutt. She has been vegan since 2005 and delights in making delicious vegan truffles cakes and vegan cheese. She can talk about rejuvelac for hours.

If you need web content, or written material for traditional print media, then get in touch. Leigh has written reams of webcopy and has experience writing for newspapers, journals and magazines (recently, Driftwood). She is excellent at meeting deadlines and highly experienced in writing sparkling copy for marketing material and press releases.

Leigh is open to offers from UK, US, and Canadian publishers and businesses and can be contacted by email. Anyone who has published a vegan cookbook or health-related book is also welcome to get in touch to arrange a review!

View Leigh’s GooglePlus Portfolio here.

Basic Website Design

I am a medical copywriter, first and foremost, but I also have SEO expertise and web-design experience. What this means is that I can help you to quickly set up a website advertising your services and help create copy that attracts both clients and search engines. I am also happy to offer guidance on how to maintain a simple website in WordPress (such as uploading new content) once I’ve completed the initial design. Alternatively, I can upload new content for you, as needed. I use WordPress as a basic content management system as this makes it easier for you to play around with design features and add in content at a later date. I can offer guidance on how to optimise your site to attract the mighty Google and I can recommend, install, and set up plugins that allow you to simply and quickly add metadata to any new content as you upload or change pages and posts.

If you live in Vancouver, BC, and need a basic website to advertise your new business then I’m more than happy to meet you for a face-to-face consultation, alternatively we can liaise via email/Skype/GChat etc. An initial meeting in person can help to clarify goals for the site and for you to show me sites you like and design features you might like to incorporate into your site’s look. Prior to a first meeting it also helps if you:

– have an idea of the number of pages your site will have and how you would like them to connect
– have copy ready to send to me for uploading or have an outline for me to work with if you would like me to create the copy or edit copy
– have a header image or image appropriate for the header of your site that I can work with
– think about a colour scheme (and let me know any colours you abhor!)
– have your log-in details (and ftp information) ready for me to log into your site’s host or your WordPress details if this is already installed

Depending on the complexity of your needs, and the size of the site you require, fees range from $200-1000 and your site could be up, running, and listed in Google within a week. I usually ask for 30% up-front and the remainder once the site is finished to your specifications. Should your site need some complex coding costs may be higher and this can be negotiated before any work is undertaken.

Examples of sites I have created include:

Strong Counselling

Please contact me to discuss your needs and let’s work together to get you a shiny new website to attract customers!

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