2013 – A Time for Change, Vegan-Style!

by L Matthews on January 11, 2013

kali and tom 2011

Kali the vegan dog - looking dapper with a stick moustache...

The start of 2013 is proving exciting and busy for TheTastyVegan – not only am I talking about myself in the third person (a sure sign of success), I’m in the midst of helping with the launch of a vegan dog food company.

That is, when I’m not staring into my empty refrigerator with a bewildered expression as I realise that I still need to eat, even if I’m typing, researching, sitting in meetings 24/7. Today I was treated to lunch at Heirloom, which was delightful (mainly due to the company as the servers seemed to forget about us and the restuarant had run out of bulgur wheat! Horrorsho!). Leftovers will serve for dinner to facilitate my busy working schedule… phew.

Plant-Based Diets for Dogs

What’s keeping me so busy I hear you ask (in my head; again, another sure sign of success)? That would be the wonderful new project I’m now involved in to launch a vegan dog food company.

This is not just another run of the mill dog food company, Indogo is launching the first plant-based and wellness brand of its kind for dogs, people and our planet; setting out to scientifically validate a vegan diet for dogs. Indogo is about education, raising awareness of healthier, plant-based choices for your dog, and also revealing new ideas from quality veterinary research that could, and arguably should, shake up animal health care as we know it.

Twitterchat – #GoIndogo, Friday 11th January, 5pm PST

To help engage with fellow vegan dog-lovers and those simply interested in being conscious, responsible dog guardians, we’re having our inaugural twitterchat this evening, in just over an hour! Follow the chat under the hashtag #GoIndogo and join us at 5pm PST, 7pm CST, or the early hours of the morning if you’re across that pond in my old neck of the woods. The chats will be weekly but we’d love to see you on the first one!

Lots of exciting things to share in the future with you all regarding the new company and its mission to go boldly, to seek out new ways of life, to spread the word that, yes, our dogs can be vegan too! 2013, it’s time to Unleash Change!

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