An Addition to the TastyVegan Family! – Yes, it’s a Knitted Dog…

by L Matthews on February 5, 2011

Wirehaired fox terrier knitted faceAfter many years of pining for a dog as a companion animal I have finally found a way round those pesky strata council rules and made myself a totally rules and regulations-friendly pet! Out of vegan yarn and old socks! Oh yes people, here’s the new addition to the Tasty Vegan family… Scraps, the wire-haired fox terrier created by my own fair hand and complete with two legs half inside-out and a head nearly reminiscent of Cerberus…

My favourite Christmas present this year was the rather amazing ‘Best In Show: Knit Your Own Dog’ book with dozens of patterns to create your own, mess-free pet with no need for walkies, or heavy cans of dog food… no quibbles over feeding him an entirely vegan diet because all he needs is a few bits of old sock to stuff him and keep him bouncy and happy-faced.

The patterns in the book were daunting to a knitting-novice such as myself, and graduating from being able to knit squares to following a complex pattern with legs, noses, bellies, and heads scared me silly. I realised that knitting anything but rather linear items required considerably more involvement and concentration than I had, hitherto, given to my knitting.

Wirehaired fox terrier knitted side

All of his legs are a little different/bespoke… some are a little ridged as I forgot whether I’d knitted, purled, or made up an entirely new stitch. There are numerous holes from dropped stitches where he needs darning… and yes, I knitted his head on backwards not once, not twice… but three times before finally working out what the instructions meant.

Wirehaired fox terrier knitted profile

I think I now qualify for MENSA. I might make a pitbull otherwise and send him round to fight my corner. The pictures and the resulting doggies in the book are beautiful and very varied… labradors, terriers, pugs, beagles, poodles, and portugese water dogs (make your very own Obama family pet!) all feature catering for every kind of dog-fancier. I have to say, however, that I don’t think it was just my own stupidity causing the cofusion over the patterns. Some of the wording seems a little unclear and a bit more explanation, or even some pictures of the ‘making-up’ process wouldn’t go amiss. The only pictures are of the finished dogs, which, while lovely, do not really help give a step-by-step picture of how it all fits together.

Wirehaired fox terrier knitted

I’m now off on a hunt to find some more vegan yarn to make my next addition to the family and, perhaps, a way of scaling up the pattern to lifesize to scare the Canada Post man next time!

I’ve spent a while sticking products for vegan knitters on my amazon store, along with the Best in Show book; normally I’d say to find it second-hand, but it’s pretty new so I wouldn’t imagine anyone’s given one away yet.

Send me pics of the doggies you make and I might put a little gallery up! And if anyone would like to scale up a pattern for me I’d be mightily happy… come on you Vegan Etsy folks, oblige a girl won’t you?

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admin February 5, 2011 at 20:10

rather gauche to comment on my own blog but I’m too lazy to login and change anything… all I wanted to do anyway was to highlight this rather fabulous free pattern I just found on the bittersweet blog for a kiwi bird! It’s amazing, and the next doggy may have to be put on hold while I make this fun chap!

Thanks Hannah at bittersweetblog, I am highly impressed!

Julia February 13, 2011 at 20:36

Have you thought about knitting up some doodies for him to leave around the house ;-P

admin February 14, 2011 at 10:54

Ha! That’d be hilarious… What a nice Valentine’s that’d be. I guess I should knit a dogbed next, and a poop-a-scoop, and a stick… hmm busy busy busy!

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