beeswax not vegan burts bees

by L Matthews on January 3, 2012

beeswax not vegan burts bees

beeswax not vegan burts bees – hand salve from Burt’s Bees is not vegan but many call themselves vegan and still use bee products.

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soursop July 4, 2014 at 15:53

This is such a tough aspect of the whole vegan thing. My diet is 100% strict vegan, no exceptions. No honey, and I avoid any candy that uses shellac. Shellac, imo, shouldn’t even be used. What is the point of having shiny jelly beans? On the other hand, I own feather earrings. Earrings probably naturally molted from.some birdy somewhere. Idk. I’m still a tad new to the vegan LIFEstyle. My diet is 100% vegan and I don’t touch leather, as leather is simply meat that people wear. Now I ran into a conundrum… I got a lipstick and didn’t know it contained beeswax so I immediately decided not to wear it. Some companies claim they don’t hurt the bees when they “borrow” some of their wax, but it’s still using an animal right? Even if they are “pets”? Some people, if they have pet chickens, eat the eggs. That is no longer a vegan diet. Now, it gets muddy: if your dog pooped gold, would you wear it? As you take care of the dog, but it also comes from an animal? I personally try my best to evade these conundrums by making it simple: if it comes from another creature, avoid it. I’m vet torn about my feather earrings.