Bone toothpaste, anti-vegan Angelina, and tofu scramble plans

by L Matthews on September 18, 2010

At work in the healthfood store today I was asked if we stocked ‘Mi paste’… on enquiring what this was I was told it was ground up bones used to help with gum and tooth health. Less than impressed with that idea, I asked whose bones were used. It’s so weird what people think is acceptable, and even necessary for health. Ah well.

On the plus side, I have plans for a huge breakfast tomorrow with lots of friends before leaving Vancouver for Victoria (briefly, six months only or thereabouts). There will be much scrambleage of tofu, and much eyeball-busting coffee consumed with soy cream (why can I not seem to locate oat cream in Canada?! Please let me know if you’ve found it somewhere, I miss it for coffee and making truffles).

I shall post the tofu scramble recipe once it has been approved (assuming it is!) by the hungry masses in the morning. Here’s the tofu scramble recipe (it only took me six years to post.)

Another weird finding this week is that Angeline Jolie apparently proclaimed that veganism nearly killed her. No dear, I think ignorance nearly killed you, it just so happened you were vegan at the time. What a silly thing to say. She also went on to ‘confess’ that she craved a big juicy slab of cow flesh on occasion. Nice. And now, the irritating Dr Mercola is using this as anti-vegan propaganda  (I’m not going to link to his misinformation). His site is so full of selfish carnivores with no willingness to reconsider their position on animal rights, environmental costs, or justifiable dietary choices.

Stuart Seale MD wrote a nice defence of veganism to counter the misinformation. Still, this type of celebrity-related twaddle really doesn’t help people make informed decisions about their health, ethics, or their environmental impact.

I’m off to marinade tofu. It’s a lengthy affair. Hope all are having similar fine breakfasts of a Sunday morn.


What a good kitty, bet hes not using Mi paste

What a good kitty, bet he's not using 'Mi paste'

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J. Swart November 22, 2010 at 10:50

Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends who are newly vegan!

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