Dystopizza – A Post-Margaret Atwood Vegan Dinner

by L Matthews on October 20, 2012

vegan pizza with kale and smoked tofu

Before it was cooked; not bad for an 'empty fridge' - right!

You’ll forgive me if my Vegan MoFo entries have been a little thin on the ground recently; I met Margaret Atwood today. In celebration, I give you dystopizza – it’s a speculative dish.

It is currently Vancouver International Writers Festival and today I had two appointments to see an idol of mine, one who is largely responsible for my desire to emigrate to Canada from the UK. Since reading The Edible Woman as a teenager I have nurtured a fascination with Canada and its literature, devouring (pun intended) further works by Canadian authors.

Today, I actually lined up, after a panel called Beyond Survival, to have my battered old copy of Survival signed by Ms. Atwood herself. I was third in line and I gushed about how she was responsible, in part, for my move to Canada. The septuagenarian’s reply? “Oh, that’s nice.’ I think she found me a tad silly – the shaking hands and stammer probably didn’t help my case. Ah well, she’s still delightful, even if she makes my hands tremble and misspelt my name because I was too dazed to have an inscription ready for her to write in my book.

So, yes, food and veganism and stuff. In preparation for seeing The Great Author this morning I have been frantically rereading Survival which means I have failed to shop for food. Returning home this evening, after the second festival event, I surveyed the fridge contents and sighed and made myself a G&T – with lime. There’s my fruit intake at least, berries and citrus.

Somehow, despite my worries, I managed to create this rather fabulous pizza, with kale from the garden, some rehydrated chanterelles and portobellos, tomatoes, zucchini, smoked tofu and Daiya, with a garlic, oregano and tomato base. It’s pretty great and probably more utopian than this vegan MoFo blog entry’s title states. Dystopizza – vegan style. It’s all speculative.

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Kelly Garbato October 23, 2012 at 19:20

So jealous! I don’t suppose you asked her when we can expect the third installment in the Mad Adam trilogy? 😉

Leigh October 23, 2012 at 19:26

Ha! No, Kelly, I was too busy shaking! She’s pretty acerbic and a tad scary… there were new books of hers for sale that I hadn’t seen before and I always think I have everything by her and then discover something else. Did you like Oryx and Crake or the Year of the Flood Better?

Kelly G. October 27, 2012 at 18:05

Oy, I can only imagine. I bet she’s cut more than one person in half with an especially pithy sentence.

That’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with Year of the Flood – it has vegans *and* two female narrators!

Also, we call one of my dogs Ren – but it’s short for O-Ren (Lucy Liu’s character from Kill Bill), not Brenda. Still, I couldn’t help but imagine her in human form, acting out the scenes from the book. Weird 🙂

Kelly G. October 27, 2012 at 18:07

Oh, and thanks for mentioning the book. According to Amazon her newest release is the paperback ed. of In Other Worlds – which I read in hardcover – but I also see that there’s a 2012 performance of the Handmaid’s Tale by Claire Danes. I must have it!

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