Going Vegan… with your dog? Here’s a FREE Webinar you’ll want to attend.

by L Matthews on January 21, 2013

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Being vegan, having switched my own dog to a healthy vegan diet, and talking the hind legs off every other dog owner in the parks in Vancouver wasn’t enough for me it seemed. Why not, I thought, spread the word about plant-based diets for dogs even further using the powers of the interwebs? Why not indeed…

Indogo – Veganism’s Gone to the Dogs

Indogo is an exciting new plant-based lifestyle brand focused on the health and wellness of your canine companion. Aiming to be up and running, manufacturing nutritionally-sound, rigorously tested, tasty vegan dog food later in the year, Indogo is also launching an educational arm to help more conscientious, ethical, savvy dog-lovers to feel confident in choosing a plant-based diet for the health of their pooch. And guess who’s right in the thick of it? That would be me!

Take Your Dog to Work…

2013 it seems is the time for amazing opportunities to present themselves to me and so I find myself working with a rather wonderful group of people to create this fabulous new company that rolls up all my ethics, passions, creativity and professional ambition into a tidy little frisbee shape. It’s not so much taking my dog to the office as building the office around my dog…

Going Indogo

As a reader of the Tasty Vegan site you already know that I’m a stickler for accuracy, scientific rigour and integrity, and that I adore my dog, Kali. We’re holding a free webinar on Wednesday 23rd January where we’ll be covering plant-based diets for dogs and a whole host of other dog health issues, including the canine thyroid disease epidemic and the problem of over-vaccination of dogs. There’ll be insights from Indogo shareholder and well-respected vegan nutritionist, Brenda Davis, as well as from vegetarian vet, Dr Jean Dodds, a real superstar in the world of canine health.

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What are you waiting for? Go Indogo!

Dog Health Education – For Free!

If you have a new puppy lining up for his first shots, a tired grumpy old dog who won’t stop scratching, a Springer Spaniel who’s lost his boing, or a faithful mutt who you think could benefit from having a plant-based dog diet then sign up now and be in with a chance of winning an ace prize! If you can’t attend on Wednesday, don’t worry, a replay of the free webinar is available to all those who sign up so head over to Indogo’s site now and make sure you don’t miss out!

I mean, really, what are you waiting for…? It’s a free webinar that could lead to a dramatic improvement in your dog’s health!

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