Impressive Vegan Niche Product of the Moment

by L Matthews on October 10, 2010

Impressive vegan niche product of the month?

In honour of this product the tasty vegan has decided to feature a product each month that pushes the bounds of veganism that little bit further… if you have a suggestion then send me a link or some info and I’ll check it out!

After-Inked is an after-tattoo skin product to aid healing and reduce the chances of infection/scarring/fungal growth! Amazing, I wonder if they sell this at TattooZoo in Victoria, the only vegan-ink-using tattoo parlour I know of. It’s run by the mighty Sarah Kramer, of ‘How it all Vegan!‘ fame, and ‘Go Vegan‘, two great cookbooks. Any vegans who want tattoos should go to Tattoo Zoo; might be a bit of a trek for most, but you try asking your local tattoo place if thier inks are vegetable based! Dare you. There are some nasty things in traditional tattoo inks (anyone remember that X-Files episode with the tattoo ink that had hallucinogenics in it and the guy’s arm started talking, and then Scully went crazy too, amazing, what a show!)

Anyway, I digress, after you’ve got your wonderful vegan-inked tattoo, your tender skin will need a bit of TLC and what better than After-inked!? Buy it at

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