Kali Gets a Present.

by L Matthews on February 21, 2013

The poor pup appears to have sprained her paw so on her second day of convalescence I figured she needed a little pick-me-up. Recalling her puppy days where I would regularly give her a pass-the-parcel style food challenge, I created an eggbox surprise packed with vegan dog treats (the eggbox was in the nonvegan housemates’ recycling pile!).

I filled each well of the eggbox before packing it up in an envelope containing a little bowl of rice with chia seeds, nooch and tahini, and a paper bag with a homemade sweet potato garlic parsley chew. Watch the video below and look out for the poorly filmed hi-five she begrudgingly gives me at the end!

Oh, and the treats in the eggbox wells? Those included little bits of banana, small chunks of smoked tofu and cucumber, carob drops and turmeric roasted chickpeas (anti-inflammatories and proteins for healing!).

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