My Vegan Thanksgiving

by L Matthews on October 21, 2011

My first vegan Thanksgiving passed me by somewhat last year as I had just moved to a new city and was rather out of touch with things. This year I decided it would be done properly and then circumstances got the better of me again and I ended up away Thanksgiving weekend. Today shall be my first proper vegan Thanksgiving then, finally, so I was up at 6.30am to walk the whining puppy and then set about making cranberry sauce bright and early. Having decided to add dash of lime and vodka to the cranberry sauce I may have been drunk on vodka fumes by 7.30am… not a bad start to any holiday of course.

Nutroast for Vegan and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday I made two nut roasts and availed myself of the discounted Tofurky Roasts in Capers (see, there are advantages to celebrating after everyone else!). I’m a little dubious as to how nice this slab of fake meat will be but figured it’s my duty to research available products and support the concept of a vegan Thanksgiving nonetheless. Certainly the RealEat turkey roasts available in the UK were pretty delicious if cut almost all the way through and spread with herb and garlic oil before wrapping in foil and roasting. mmmm. Perhaps this Tofurky roast will endure the same fate. Yesterday also saw the making of a pumpkin pie, another first. Having never eaten pumpkin pie I can guarantee that it will be the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever tasted. Not that I’m bragging or anything. I used a combination of recipes, the pie crust recipe from the Gentle World site, with a bit of variation, and the filling recipe from my friend Dave the vegan cyclist over at VeganVelo.

sprouts evil nasty

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

My other plans for my vegan Thanksgiving largely revolved around sprouts done a la Vegan Mischief. Their delicious recipe inspired me to roast some slices of Kabocha squash a few days ago with the balsamic, dijon, maple syrup goodness and it was delicious. I also threw some tofu in there to use up a half block languishing in the fridge and it was amazing! My new favourite marinade, so I have high hopes for how well the sprouts will be turning out later.
UPDATE! The sprouts were delicious, even more so having done them a second time round with a tsp of coconut oil on top! Turns them strangely creamy as well as wonderfully roasted and sweet… if you don’t like brussel sprouts then try this before giving up on them completely.

Vegan Thanksgiving Menu – First Course

The other key ingredient to make the occasion feel festive is the inclusion of Bloody Mary soup, now a family recipe and traditional Christmas first course. Big T will be preparing this hot and spicy soup with a vodka kick… possibly whilst drinking Soy White Russians. We’re keeping the recipe secret for this I’m afraid! Although, I might take bribes.

Vegan Thanksgiving – A Practice Run for Christmas

I’m considering my first vegan Thanksgiving a practice run at Christmas as this will be our first Christmas in Canada and our first one with a puppy along for the ride. Although we have no open fire on which to roast chestnuts I’m feeling the need to make things homely, being so far away from family and old friends, so I will have to bake an apple pie, tons of stuffing for the fake turkey roast, and have a big tree in the corner under which presents can be destroyed by said puppy (are pine needles toxic to dogs, sigh, maybe a fake tree then?).

I’m off to get the veg ready and rue my lack of pans, pie dishes, and oven space. It’s past midday so I’m allowed to start on the booze, right? Pictures of my first vegan Thanksgiving to follow!

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