Quick and Easy Vegan Lunch Using Greens and Leftovers

by L Matthews on October 30, 2012

chard kale tofu pesto almond medley

Chard, kale, tofu, pesto, almond medley. Simple. Vegan. Nutritious.

What to do when you’re super busy, hungry and just want to crawl into dog fort and sabotage the radio? Make a quick and easy vegan lunch using leftovers and fall garden goodies.

I roasted parsnips and sweet potatoes, and little polenta cubes the other night and, aside from mashing these up in my dog’s vegan food, I’ve been neglecting to make use of the leftovers.

To make a quick tasty vegan lunch, that’s also gluten-free I diced some smoked tofu, grabbed a handful of kale and rainbow chard from my garden, threw some almonds in a pan to toast, set them aside, threw in some olive oil, sauteed the tofu and cubed leftover veg and polenta, added the greens, dashed in a little sundried tomato vegan pesto from the Farmers’ Market, a little salt, a little lemon juice, some nooch threw everything into a bowl and we’re done: A simple vegan lunch with lots of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium and B vitamins.

Can I hide under blankets and cushions now until I’ve written the next novel?

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