Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Chickpea Medley

by L Matthews on February 15, 2013

roast veg and chickpeas

Before roasting...

It’s gloriously sunny in Vancouver and so I got to thinking I should bid farewell to some favourite winter vegetables. Lunch today was, therefore, a big pile of roasted Brussels sprouts, chickpeas, shallots, zucchini, carrot and garlic. Another simple vegan lunch idea or a nice side dish to share for dinner.

To make this you just need to wash your veg, cut everything into similarly-sized chunks, throw it all in a roasting pan (oven preheated to 400F) and then add your spices and seasonings. I went with:

  • a dash of olive oil
  • a drizzle of agave (I would have used maple syrup had I any in the cupboard)
  • a sprinkling of turmeric
  • a splash of Braggs soy sauce
  • a shake of oregano
  • a peppering of Spike seasoning (you could just use nooch)

roast chickpeas and sprouts

...after roasting


Shake it all around, roast for 45 minutes and mmm, crispy Brussels sprout leaves and crunchy roasted vegetables. The perfect, simple, anti-inflammatory, detoxification enzyme-activating, protein-rich vegan lunch. What’s your favourite way to enjoy Brussels sprouts?

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