Sinfully Divine Dessert Experience – Vegan-Style!

by L Matthews on January 10, 2012

sinfully divine dessert experience veganNew Year’s resolutions going well? Managing to head to the gym every day, cut down on carbs and do all those other tedious things? How about a Sinfully Divine Dessert Experience – vegan-style to get you back on the wagon of fun and scupper all plans at self-denial? Hey, it’s dairy-free so it’s guilt-free dontchaknow. Courtesy of Sprout Vegan Bakery in Vancouver and the delightful Melissa of Pretty Up Parties (love love love the pirate themed party paraphernalia), this is an evening of decadence without the hangover.

Taking place in New Westminster on the 21st of January, so just in time to top you up as the Christmas and New Year fun dies down, the Sinfully Divine Dessert Experience grants you an evening with a dessert cart of your very own. The organisers are recommending that you bring a rumbling belly (preferably your own) to the event along with a natty little box to take home the desserts you can’t quite squeeze in on the night itself. The idea is to lick, chomp, crunch, and devour your way through a variety of different vegan desserts and let Sprout Vegan Bakery know just how delicious they all are… using the rigorous scientific method of crumb-counting after everyone leaves. Tables are limited so get in quick. I can see this being a wonderful event to take a date to as there are perfect excuses to share spoons, lick off frosting, and… I’ll stop there.

The Sinfully Divine Dessert Experience also includes fairtrade coffee, teas, and if you can hear her over the sound of people’s lips smacking, the dulcet tones of lovely singer Gina Lily who will be performing live for each sitting.

sprout vegan bakery cupcakeSprout Vegan Bakery are enamoured of natural ingredients and pay homage to the mantra of KISS (keep it simple stupid) by not making everything too frou frou and complicated that you don’t know how to say it let alone eat it. All their ingredients are GMO-free and they’re all vegan, so contain no dairy, eggs, honey, or refined sugars that may have been bone-char-filtered.

All in all, a lovely idea which deserves the support of the Vancouver dessert-lovers association. There isn’t such a thing? Mmmm, there might be after the 100% vegan Sinfully Divine Dessert Experience!

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