Vegan MoFo – October’s Going to be Busy…

by L Matthews on September 25, 2012

typing miss usa war propaganda vegan mofo nanowrimo

Fingers will be flying in the kitchen and on the keyboard!

Howdy fellow vegans, aspiring vegans and those sent down the google rabbit hole whilst looking for… ‘how to play hopscotch’ (a self-fulfilling SEO prophecy there, wink wink – key question: chalk is the crushed bones of dead things; vegan or nay?).

Where was I? Yes, October is Vegan Month of Food, or vegan mofo as some like to call it (let’s debate the offensiveness of that one later). What this means is that if you encounter me over the next two months I’ll be first covered in flour and then typing frantically as NaNoWriMo unfolds. Perhaps I can write my next novel about a flustered vegan blogger who just can’t seem to cook write cook write cook write for thirty-one days straight. There’s a drama that needs to be told.

Things coming up on in October then:

  • Two vegan cookbook reviews, or more if you send me something lovely
  • A recipe for vegan dog biscuits
  • Soups and other comfort food
  • The requisite health angle: vegans and osteoporosis, alcohol, heart disease and so forth
  • Reviews of a couple of local Vancouver vegan eateries
  • Pictures of me covered in flour (possibly)

border collie vegan dog

Using your dog as a backrest, is it vegan?

Hopefully this little trailer will tempt you back. In the meantime, here’s a picture of my dog, looking austere in Lighthouse Park. She is predominantly vegan and totally vegetarian. Doesn’t she look like she lacks protein?

Interested in joining me on this epic vegan food adventure? There’s still time to sign up… until September 28th if you want to be on the vegan mofo blogroll. A word of warning, the sign-up link on the about page of vegan mofo isn’t working…

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