Vegan Sexy-Times, Zinc Deficiency, Avoiding Hidden Dairy, and Other New Stuff on TheTastyVegan!

by L Matthews on April 30, 2012

New stuff that you may have missed on thetastyvegan includes vegan condoms, harnesses, etc., vegan bath and body products, an in-depth look at vegans and zinc deficiency, and… dairy derivatives that can make many a product non-vegan. Cunningly hidden in the pages of the site there is a wealth of information that might one day make it to the front page but for now it shall instead be filled with recipes involving chard, kale, and walnuts as that’s what’s tickling my vegan fancy currently… enjoy!

Oh, and here’s a picture of my new intern, because animal exploitation doesn’t apply to kitties typing up my reports. Good kitty.

kitten at computer

60WPM! Faster Pussycat! Otherwise, you'll never be a business cat ...

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Jason May 5, 2012 at 20:18

this kitty is playing zork: but text-based adventures are challenging when you can neither read or type –very sad.

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