Vegan Vancouver – A 2013 Food Review Round-Up

by L Matthews on December 30, 2013

be curious not judgemental walt whitman

Or, you know, be judgemental about restaurants.

If there’s one thing I like to do it is to eat.

2013 saw me back on the dating scene proper for the first time in a decade and that appears to have involved going for lots of dinners and drinks. Hurrah! While the dates themselves might not always have been fantastic (although some were!), I’ve usually managed to get through even the most awkward evening by concentrating on the food and available porters, stouts, and cocktails.

Not wanting to take all my dates to the same place has also meant being a bit more adventurous in seeking out new (to me) places to eat in Vancouver. So, this round-up of my year of eating Vancouver, 2013, includes some old favourites, a successful transition, new favourites, and a couple of misses.

And, coming soon, reviews of the following:

  • St. Augustine’s
  • The Templeton
  • Sushi Loku
  • Sushi Lano
  • Graze
  • Cottage Bistro
  • Heirloom
  • Stormcrow.

It seems healthier after the glorious excesses of vegan Christmas food to write a lot about food instead of eating any more rumballs so let me know your suggestions of great vegan places I should check out in Vancouver for 2014!

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