Vida Vegan Con!

by L Matthews on May 24, 2013

vegans beware

I'm scared there won't be enough biscuits and gravy...

Guys, I’m at Vida Vegan Con in Portland and it isn’t even raining! Brunch spots should watch out…as should Powell’s books. And the record store just down from Powell’s, and Petunia’s Pie Place and and and. I have dollar bills and an appetite for consumption.

Yesterday’s road trip was complete with a trip to Wayward in Seattle; the best place for vegan biscuits and gravy that I know of, and we saw this rather bizarre sign on our trip too and just had to stop and be all terrified. Then we danced at the map that showed Skamania and realised we had done exactly the same thing last time when we stopped in the exact same rest stop to stretch out.

I’ve already eaten at Veggie Grill and had drinks at the Sweet Hereafter, and this morning @tothetwestside and I are up early and ready to register for the conference and eat breakfast and drink coffee and rifle through those swag bags!

This is going to be awesome.

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Popovici September 15, 2014 at 10:30

I’m sure you could find them, if you really cared. Know that stinhetyc stuff can never replace natural foods and herbs. Also, remember that there are tons of fake scientific studies out there that are sponsored by corporate bastards.? If you see any study you should immediately question who is behind it.

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