Wallflower – Shouldn’t be Shy About its Greatness

by L Matthews on December 30, 2013

wallflower vegan vancouver restaurantsI could gush about Wallflower for hours as part of my 2013 vegan Vancouver food round-up. I love this place. The Wallflower, on Main St. at Broadway, is probably the first place I came for brunch in Vancouver when I was rapidly discovering that brunch is a thing people do here, a lot.

Their vegan tofu hash was excellent and they had endless coffee refills, and mimosas, and great (or at least interesting) art for sale on the walls, along with wonderful non-intrusive music that always seems to feature the Smiths and other British bands I love.

Following a split of the ownership the menu took a little wobble but seems to be getting back on track this year. With queues out the door on weekends for brunch, you know it’s a favourite for a reason. I even took some house guests here as they happened to be vegan bloggers staying after Vida Vegan Con (hi JoJo and Randi! AKA @veganinbrighton and @RandiBop)

The Wallflower – for every occasion

The Wallflower makes me happy because it’s the kind of place I can bring dates, friends, and family when they visit. They have friendly and capable staff who usually provide pretty quick service even when super busy, and they are entirely understanding of veganism and so know not to butter the toast and such. They also provide a lot of toast. Seriously. I have spent three hours here over breakfast on a weekday morning, working whilst trying to get through the giant plate of food.

Vegan Brunch at the Wallflower

The vegan tofu hash is long gone, alas, but was replaced by a barbecue tofu hash (not my favourite but still good), and a corn and black bean hash which is plentiful and tasty. You can also have vegan poutine for breakfast should you wish, and they have a great houmous melt with daiya, as well as vegan mac ‘n’ cheese which I believe won an award a while ago.

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

If you plan on eating the vegan shepherd’s pie then factor in an extra hour for dinner as this is delicious and worth it but seems to be hotter than the inside of the sun. Do not (I’m serious) assume you can eat this as it arrives at your table. You will burn yourself. Cut ventilation holes in that mashed potato roof and witness the ongoing steaming of the pie while you drink your entire beer and wonder when you can actually start safely eating.

Drinks and Dining at the Wallflower

The Wallflower also has a pretty decent beer list, makes a fabulous vegan whisky sour (no egg, no having to ask for no egg!), and have never once tried to hurry me despite the lengthy working breakfasts I’ve enjoyed here. This is my go-to for meetings with non-vegans too as the food is impressive, the atmosphere lovely, and they have a range of meaty, fishy, and eggy dishes including great bennies (their vegan benny is now delicious after they changed their vegan hollandaise following some critical feedback from friends of mine! Thanks guys!).

The other bonus of the Wallflower is that it’s right next to Pulp Fiction so you can put your name down on the door list to wait for brunch at the weekend and then head next door to buy books! An abiding favourite vegan place to eat in Vancouver, The Wallflower continues to serve me well.

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