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If you’re vegan, thinking of going vegan, or just curious about plant-based diets and vegan nutrition then this is the area of the Tasty Vegan website that you want to be perusing. Over time I’ll be amassing a whole load of information on macrominerals and microminerals, vitamins, and other beneficial substances that can make a world of difference to your health. Clearly not all vegans are inevitably going to become pasty, anaemic, B12-deficient monsters who fall over at the slightest puff of wind, but then being obstinate about the merits of veganism for health will do you no favours either.

Straightforward Advice about Vegan Nutrition

I’m all about straightforward advice and information, and I’ll be approaching the creation of this section of the site with a keen academic eye based on my time studying nutrition for my BSc. If you think I’m wrong about something then please let me know and send me some links to studies offering an alternative perspective. The wonderful thing about nutritional research is that it never ends! This is also the terrible thing about nutritional research as it consumes so much of my time… imagine how many knitted dogs I could make if I didn’t have to read all those pesky journal articles?!

Additionally, if you find something useful here then I’d love to know, it’ll reassure me that my efforts aren’t wasted!

Vegan Nutrition Basics

Over time I’ll be building sections on Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Iron, B12, and lots of other nutrients. There’ll be info on their roles in human physiology, signs of deficiency, problems with absorption (particular as pertaining to vegans), and I’ll offer some ideas for boosting your intake of these nutrients should you need to. Where appropriate I’ll try to give you an idea of good supplements, or the best forms at least, for absorption if you’re deficient or feel you need an insurance dose. As far as possible I’d advocate getting your nutrients from a healthy, balanced, interesting, and tasty vegan diet rather than supplements – but needs must eh?!

Staying Healthy and Vegan

I hope you find the info helpful. Let me know if you want something else covered that I haven’t gotten around to. Otherwise, you may find more useful information at the Vegan RD’s website, which makes me rather envious of its brilliance!

Being vegan needn’t mean you miss out on good nutrition, nor does it mean that all your nutrient needs will be instantly met by good wholefoods. Stay sensible, stay safe, and you’ll be around and healthy to keep up the fight for animal rights and the environment for much many years yet!

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Angela September 10, 2011 at 11:00


And thanks for writing the articles on Calcium and Magnesium. I found both well written and informative, and they helped me discover the right supplement for my needs.

Blessings in your journey.