Important Vitamins for Vegans

You might think you’re special… and you are! At least when it comes to vitamin and mineral needs anyway. When you first turn vegan it can be a bit of a shock to the body to have to suddenly get all the nutrients required for good health solely from animal-free sources. In the long run most people are absolutely fine on a vegan diet, and have no issues at all with achieving optimal intake of those vital nutrients. There are however some significant concerns when making the transition and in cases where your metabolism of nutrients may be a little dysfunctional.

The Tasty Vegan discusses zinc, iodine, iron, and B12 in conjunction with a vegan diet to help make sure you all stay healthy and energetic when becoming, or remaining vegan! Lots of info on what these nutrients actually do, tips to spot deficiency signs, useful ideas to boost absorption, and some good old lists of top notch foods that give you a good amount of key nutrients. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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