Rollingdale Wines – Vegan Wines.

Looking for local vegan wines in British Columbia? Check out Rollingdale Wines. This handy reference list of their vegan wines makes things a little easier when heading to the liquor store. If your store doesn’t carry them though, try some of these other vegan-friendly wineries. Bottoms up.

Rollingdale Wines – Vegan Wines

2006 8 Barrels
2009 Pino.cchio

Cabernet Sauvignon
2007 ‘La Gauche’ Cab Sauv
2008 ‘La Gauche’ Cab Sauv
2009 ‘La Gauche’ Cab Sauv

2007 Chardonnay Luminescence – Certified Organic

2006 Pinot Blanc Icewine
2006 Pinot Gris Icewine
2007 Pinot Noir Icewine – Certified Organic
2008 Pinot Gris Icewine – Certified Organic
2011 Pinot Gris Icewine
2011 Pinot Gris Icewine – Certified Organic
2011 Chardonnay Icewine – Certified Organic

2007 ‘La Droite’ Merlot
2008 ‘La Droite’ Merlot
2008 Iversen Merlot
2009 ‘La Droite’ Merlot
2011 Merlot Rose

Pinot Grigio
2010 Pinot Grigio – Certified Organic

Pinot Noir
2008 Stoney Slopes Pinot Noir
2009 Pinot Noir

Enjoy! I’m off to the store for some Pino.cchio, I do love a good vegan wine pun.

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