Vegan Accommodation and Travel

We’ve all been there, you’re travelling and you’re hungry and you just can’t find a nice cafe, restaurant, shop, or even hostel or hotel that will cater for your ethical, environmental, health choice. I’ve certainly not travelled the world, but here are some of the lovely places I’ve found, or friends have let me know about, that cater to vegans.

First up, accommodation. There are some great Vegan Bed and Breakfasts that cater for vegans and vegetarians, as well as hotels with vegan-friendly menus, and even hostels with adjoining cafes that serve a vegan breakfast for the hungry traveller.

Good food options for those travelling in certain countries and looking for vegan foods include chain-restaurants such as …. Checking out Asian restaurants is generally a good idea also as a lot of the meals and snacks here will be vegan-friendly, just make sure your soup is not served in a beef or chicken broth! Indonesian food is often very vegan-friendly too, as is Indian food. Really Western cuisine is the worst for accommodating vegans as there is still this ridiculous link between being rich (or attempting to appear rich) and dead-flesh meat-eating. It’s a shame that some countries are rapidly increasing their consumption of animals in line with financial prosperity. They may be richer in one way, but the world’s a whole lot poorer over all.

And for a great selection of vegan-friendly healthfood shops worldwide you can’t go wrong by going to HappyCow and doing a quick search of the site. It’s an absolute must for travellers as you can locate healthfood stores where you’re likely to find vegan-fare, as well as local restaurants, shops and groups for almost everywhere in the world. I can’t recommend it highly, as it’s saved me from going hungry in many places!

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