Vegan Condoms, Dental Dams, Lubricants and Vegan Sex Toys!

vegan sex naughty radishVeganism isn’t just about diet, you have to consider your choices of clothing, shoes, beer, toiletries, and cosmetics, amongst other things but have you thought about how vegan condoms are, whether dental dams are vegan, and even the ethics of lubricants! How vegan is your sex-life? Is that a vegan strap-on? Luckily, help is on hand to turn even the most sexually adventurous vegan’s boudoir into an ethical paradise. Be smarter than PETA’s latest vegan sex-ad, and stock up on cruelty-free, vegan sex goodies from these purveyors of pleasure.

Are Condoms Vegan?

Things are going well, Barry White’s crooning, the lights are low, you’ve moved things to the bedroom, you reach for the bedside table and then the new vegan in your life says ‘hey, wait, are those condoms vegan?’ Animal death is something of a passion killer so check how vegan your contraception is and reconsider your purchases if your vegan ethics haven’t stretched as far as sex yet. Condoms generally make use of casein, a protein found in the stomachs of cows, as well as using milk or other dairy ingredients in the manufacturing process. Even if a brand of condoms claims to be free of animal products and ‘by-products’ that doesn’t mean that they are cruelty-free, or have undergone vegan manufacturing. I once found out that a certain multivitamin advertised itself as vegan-friendly but that the manufacture of the multivitamin involved gelatin. Vegan-washing I tell ya! Companies claiming their condoms, or other sex-related products, are free from animal-ingredients might not be vegan-friendly as the ingredients they do use could be tested on animals. Sex should be fun, safe, and kind – so make a vegan happy by going down (the page).

Who Makes Vegan Condoms and Dental Dams?

vegan condoms

Vegan condoms - come prepared.

Vegan condoms are a little tricky to find in some places and the enjoyable spontaneity of sex can be impeded by having to wait two weeks for that parcel of fun to arrive in the mail. Stock up and keep on top of the supply cupboard! In the UK, Condomi are your friends vegans. Vegan Society-approved condoms, in a variety of thicknesses and sizes and (and this made me really happy when I saw it!), their extra-safe variety has a picture on the cover of two men kissing. When I saw that in my grocery store I was so pleased that such a positive message was out there for all to observe! It’s the little things people, the little things. Unfortunately, US bureaucracy means that Condomi no longer imports to the states, and so those in North America in need of vegan condoms have to look elsewhere.

Glyde Condoms are vegan, 100% cruelty-free, Vegan Society-approved, and their latex manufacturer has even sent written statements to various interested parties stating that no animal-testing takes place for their products and that no animal by-products are involved in the manufacture of their vegan condoms. PETA’s Caring Consumer Program has also sanctified Glyde Health’s vegan condoms, so make like bunnies and keep the bunnies happy.

Your regular, store brand condoms have dubious ethics for the most part and are largely non-vegan. Trojan condoms are not vegan, and their maker Church & Dwight is notorious in the animal rights community for animal-testing. They claim that Trojan condoms are free of animal by-products however, so there’s a sex dilemma for you.

KISS Kondoms, Madonna, and Hot Rod condoms are all made by Condomania who state that they do not test their products on animals or have animal-derived ingredients in the products, but they do use animal products in the manufacture of the condoms. The semantics of their statement leaves it open as to whether any of the ingredients in their condoms are tested on animals however, not just the condoms themselves.

Sir Richard’s is another vegan condom manufacturer, with a variety of sizes and even ribbed and pleasure-dot vegan condoms. A relative newcomer to the vegan condom field (if there is such a thing!), not too many reviews about these and they seem a little hard to find, although VeganEssentials stocks them. They also have a charitable policy of donating one condom for every one bought, in an effort to help prevent STIs across the globe. VeganEssentials also stocks non-latex vegan condoms for those with a latex allergy.

vegan dental dam

Avoid obnoxious Starbucks jokes about vegan oral sex, pick up a Glyde Vegan Dam!

Vegan dental dams are available from Glyde Health, to the same vegan standards as the Glyde vegan condoms. They are 100% natural latex, free of animal products and not tested on animals. They have also, unlike many dental dam brands, been tested for their efficacy in preventing STIs. Glyde Vegan Dams are sugar-free and use organic food-grade ingredients to make them tasty and vegan. Another vegan-friendly woman-oriented product is the vegan female condom, letting you take charge of things in the bedroom, animal ethics, reproduction, fun, safety, and all. What’s that? You have a latex allergy? Try this non-latex dental dam, but beware the lack of stretchiness compared to latex versions.

Vegan Lubricants

Slathering animal products on your genitals is quite a turn-off, but millions do it day in and day out. Avoid sticky situations by choosing vegan lubricants such as Sliquid, which also comes in Sliquid Swirl, that is, like all Sliquid products, vegan, glycerine-free and paraben-free, and is available in Green Apple, Cherry Vanilla or Pink Lemonade flavours (also available at Karmavore). Clearly this is what happens when vegan foodies get jiggy with it. Actually, I’m amazed there isn’t a truffle oil vegan lubricant with a hint of saffron.

Other vegan lubes of note: Ride Dude Lube, Good Clean Love Aphrodisiac Oil, UberLube, and Sliquid O, a vegan-friendly clitoral stimulating gel with organics ingredients! Ah, sexy vegan entrepreneurs, is there no end to your imagination?!

vegan love kit

Give the gift of love, or sex, in this cute bunny tote with sex supplies inside!

Vegan Love Kit

You’ve gotta love this Vegan Love Kit, available from the vegan, ethical, sex supply store Early2Bed. It’s far from subtle and would make an amusing vegan Valentine’s gift, containing as it does:

  • One 4oz bottle of Sliquid Sea Lube
  • Four vegan Glyde condoms(2 Flavored and 2 Ultra)
  • A mini vegan Massage Candle (fruit flavors vary)

All in a cute organic cotton tote, to give you a happy little smile when you reuse the tote for shopping at your nearby foodie-paradise.

Vegan Sex-Toys, Strap-Ons, and More!

You might avoid animal cruelty during the day but what if you like a little pain-play in the bedroom? Leather whips, harnesses, and restraints are far from friendly, for vegans that is, so take a look at the array of vegan sex toys and paraphernalia available at Early2Bed. These vegan-friendly rubber whips come in two sizes, this Haka Harness is made of nylon, is vegan-friendly, and is adjustable with three different ring sizes to accommodate whatever you’re strapping in! For $25 you can get this neoprene vegan thigh-harness, great for those with limited mobility in the hip region, and it’s easily washable, adjustable, and stays in place so you can stay in the moment.

rodeoH briefs vegan sex

A vegan brief-style harness, for packing and playing.

Just when you think things can’t get better… along comes the vegan RodeoH brief-style harness, for packing or playing. QUILTBAG fun – veganised.

This store is also great for accessible sex-toys, for those with difficulties gripping other toys on the market, or just those so slathered in vegan lubricant that they need a helping hand.

Vegan Body Paint, Edible Undies, and Bacon?

Just because you’re vegan it doesn’t mean you should miss out on edible undies, chocolate body paint, or edible body candy. This cruelty-free ShunChoc edible vegan bodypaint comes in a delicious-looking little bottle that can sit proudly on the nightstand along with its tiny paintbrush for more indulgent bedtime fun, although a less austere option for vegan chocolate enthusiasts is offered at this etsy store with a choice of flavours for your vegan bodypaint.

vegan lube bacon lube

Sizzling vegan sex - smells like bacon?

The winner in the niche vegan sex paraphernalia category has to be a product offered at GoodVibrations. No joke, this is 100% vegan, and with more than a lick of irony, I give you… BaconLube. Described as having ‘the irresistible allure of porky goodness’ it makes my stomach turn, but if you have a particular hankering after a rasher of hanky panky with a dash of porcine homage, this is clearly the go-to product for you. 100% vegan bacon-flavoured lubricant; a mind-boggling addition to this collection of vegan-friendly condoms, dentals dams, lubricants, and sex toys.

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