Tips for a Vegan Living Alone!

by L Matthews on February 1, 2013

single vegan cooking watch-cooking-shows-all-day-eat-ramen-and-frozen-pizzaLots of change is afoot in the world of the TheTastyVegan, including a move to living alone after many years of cohabiting! For some lucky friends it’s likely to mean that I have plenty of spare dinner to go around each evening and large batches of vegan cookies that I can’t possibly eat on my own… all while I get used to cooking for one again.

Do you have any top tips for staying healthy and avoiding food-waste as a vegan living alone? I’d love to hear them… possibly over coffee and whilst eating the pile of vegan cupcakes I rustled up just for me and, er, my dawg. In the meantime, here are a few thoughts as I enter a new chapter of my life:

  1. Cook in bulk and freeze portions – but remember to leave out the garlic as this is accentuated by freezing!
  2. Shop with lists – there’s only you to eat all the excess and a BOGOF offer on fresh food isn’t a bargain if you waste it.
  3. Remember that your health is as important as anyone else’s you might cook for – cook unto yourself as you would to others (or something).
  4. Eat at a table, chew, savour your food – a meal is still enjoyable, even alone.
  5. Dessert is not just for company – your deserve dessert!
  6. Switch it up! Practice new dishes on yourself and be ready to wow others later.
  7. Continue to dance whilst cooking, preferably with a wooden spoon as a mic and a dog as your jive partner.
  8. Eat at regular meal times – just because you’re not answerable to anyone else’s schedule it doesn’t mean it’s no longer healthy to be, er, consistent.
  9. Buy grains, nuts, seeds and pulses in bulk with friends! Form a food co-op, save money and make new chums.
  10. Chips and houmous is not dinner. Jus’ sayin’

Years ago, when I first decided to be vegan, I remember buying a copy of Vegan Cooking For One… a book that made me, as the only vegan I knew at the time, feel desperately lonely and not a little weird. Now, when almost everyone I know is vegan, or veganish, it’s extremely rare that I cook for myself alone. Times are a-changing and, perhaps, this little foray into single-living means I’ll develop a healthier approach to self-care!

Let me know your top tips for single vegan living!

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Mary February 8, 2013 at 10:26

These are really good ideas. I live alone and have a really hard time keeping my portion sizes down since I’m used to cooking for more. My tips are to plan the week’s meals on a set day and do all the shopping at once. It helps to keep an organized fridge too. And beware of best before dates.


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