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Quite right Woody, go vegan!

Celebrity Vegans:

Here’s a little lighthearted info to break up the relentless professionalism of this website… ahem.

Want to know which slebs are supporting the vegan cause?  Here’s a quick run-down of those out and proud celeryebrities:

Vegan Musicians

While some musicians are whining about the M&Ms, others are working hard to use their talents to create wonderfully oving soundtracks to documentaries and other films with a vegan message.

Everyone’s favourite shiny-pated vegan, Moby, who has contributed to many a charitable cause including the rather wonderful soundtrack to  This is a gut-wrenching documentary which should be viewed if you haven’t already seen it.  Moby has also had his own restaurant, Teany, in New York for many years, serving up vegan delights to delightful vegans and non-vegans alike.

The late Adam Yauch, musician of Beastie Boys, was vegan… however, I guess that Mike D isn’t as he’s ‘intercontinental when he eats French Toast’!  Check out the Beastie Boys’ back catalogue for any other mentions of non-vegan items.

Chris Martin of Coldplay and his missus, Gwyneth, are some of those beautiful people with perfect vegan skin and a wristful of charitable bands.  They have even named a child Apple, presumably not to promote computer products but simply to show their love for the plant world too.  Rumours abound that Gwyneth is a lapsed vegan though… so don’t hold me to the veracity of this list.s vegans to add to the list!

is that fiona apple vegan

Is that (Fiona) apple vegan?

Another Apple, this time Fiona, is also vegan.  Some excellent work in her back catalogue, but nothing much recently… where are you Fiona?

Alanis Morissette may not be everyone’s cup of rooibos, but at least she’s got her head screwed on right in terms of animal cruelty and environmentalism.  Shame about the whiny voice though.

Another whinger of late is Morrissey, Mancunian superstar with the Smiths, now living in LA and creating some of the most miserable music every heard. Meat is Murder though, and he is a Charming Man. I would highly recommend dancing in a layby to the Smiths whilst slightly drunk having stopped to allow your friend to be ill by the roadside. However, listening to Morrissey’s latest offerings will most likely result in you and your friend having to pull over and be ill by the roadside. Sorry to all those die-hard fans of the coiffed genius, but it’s gone too far now.

And, an honorary mention in this category, the late John Peel.  Everybody’s favourite radio DJ, championing the weird and the wonderful in the UK for many years, was vegan.  The soundtrack to my youth, and an all-round excellent chap. Sadly missed.

Vegan Actors

A tempestuous bunch in general, they do great work for promoting a vegan lifestyle, although some may inadvertently make the rest of us look like we’re pretty loony:

Carrie-Anne Moss, the kick-ass heroine of the the Smiths trilogy, making cybergoth look, momentarily, cool is vegan.  Shame about Keanu.

Daryl Hannah, star of Kill Bill, is a very active campaigner on vegan, environmental, an humanitarian issues.  And she looks beautiful and healthy while she’s doing it.  Well done her.

Two more rather stunning actresses are Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone, both reportedly vegan at one time or another, although Alicia has really taken the vegan baton and run with it through her KindLife website, cookbooks and all round do-goodery.  Perhaps they could regroup to do a vegan version of the video for Aerosmith, without feather pillows this time.

Male vegan actors are a little more scarce… and Tobey Maguire is hardly the best advert for veganism, looking a little pasty as he does.  Woody Harrelson, however, is a great promoter of cruelty-free living, unless you’re a zombie of course, in which case he’ll probably take a chainsaw to you, or a golf club if it’s handy.  Resourceful chap. Was that beer he drank so much of in Sam’s Bar in Cheers vegan however, we’re yet to find out.

Earthlings joaquin phoenixJoaquin Phoenix (and most members of the Phoenix clan) is vegan and provides narration on the vegan documentary  For those Brits out there, the silver fox Martin Shaw is a vegan and an acitve promoter of the Vegan and Vegetarian Societes’ work, when he’s not pronouncing judgement in his television courtroom that is.

Vegan Writers

Poets and Writers are lauded as deep-thinking philosophical types generally, and what better evidence of that than being vegan?  Step up to the plate, Benjamin Zephaniah, an excellent poet, performer and educator with some fabulous verse containing a vegan message.  Saul Williams is an incredible spoken word artist; Amethyst Rock Star is absolutely brilliant, and Saul is vegan too, what a guy. I need to get hold of his latest offering, The Inevitable Rise and Liberation LP, perhaps a few subtle hints for the Christmas wish list this year are in order…

Other vegan writers include: Mike White (screenwriter for Dawson’s Creek, the OC, and guest actor in Zombieland with Woody!), Jean Ure (author of children’s books such as Skinny Melon and Me), and horror writer Clive Barker (whose short story was the basis for the Candyman films).


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